Savannah City Cycling Webinar

Savannah’s level topography, dense urban form, and warm weather make it a great place to get around by bike. However, Savannah also has a high rate of traffic crashes involving people on bikes.

This free one hour webinar will equip you to avoid the most common hazards and become more confident riding in the city. Bicycle theft prevention will also be discussed. The seminar is ideal for students and other new arrivals in Savannah. More information.

Webinar: Two Hours Or More, Long-term Bike Parking For Sure

When a bike commuter or person running errands by bike sizes up parking locations, the length of time we intend to park informs where we will choose to park. If bicyclists anticipate parking for more than two hours, priorities will likely shift from the convenience of the location and how easy the rack is to use to the security of the location and how well protected it is from the elements. Sometimes bicyclists do not have to choose between these values, but often we do.

In this webinar, co-hosted by Dero and the League of American Bicyclists, bike parking experts will present the most pertinent features and specific considerations for long-term bike parking facilities. More information.

Rails-with-Trails: Best Practices and Lessons Learned Webinar

Many communities across the United States recognize the benefits of developing shared use paths and other trails to make transportation network connections for bicyclists and pedestrians and to increase physical activity and improve health. A new report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Rails-with-Trails: Best Practices and Lessons Learned, examines safety, design, and liability issues associated with the development of shared use paths and other trails adjacent to active railroad and transit rights-of-way. It explores lessons learned from the experience of rails-with-trails, and suggests best practices to enhance safety and security for railroads, transit, and trail users. During this webinar, the authors will share findings, recommendations, and lessons learned. Following the presentations, the panelists will respond to questions from webinar participants. More information. 

Webinar: Overcoming the Limitations of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Crash Data

Information collected at the scene of a crash can be helpful when applying a Safe System approach, but this data can be flawed and inconsistent, especially when it involves pedestrians and bicyclists. An upcoming webinar, Overcoming the Limitations of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Crash Data, will explore how organizations can improve the quality of this data for safety analysis, and how we can work with the data we have to implement a safer system today. More information.

Webinar: Re-thinking the Role of Enforcement in Traffic Safety Work: Our Roles within Vision Zero

Recognizing and addressing inequities and injustices in traffic safety efforts must be a priority in Vision Zero work. To this end, many communities are re-thinking the traditional role of enforcement in traffic safety work. We invite you to two upcoming discussions to support critical thinking about – and actions – to ensure Vision Zero efforts are both effective and equitable.

In this first conversation, we will reflect on ways that our work within traditional traffic safety models – particularly related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system – perpetuates unjust and unsafe systems for people of color and low-income people. And, we’ll discuss ways to adjust Vision Zero efforts for positive change. More information.

The New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies Webinar

New transportation technologies are coming online faster than ever. While many of these emerging technologies are helping to expand our world, they need to be evaluated critically. Todd Litman, author of the new book New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies will discuss 12 emerging transportation modes and services that will likely significantly affect our lives as they become more commonplace. More information.

Webinar: Designing Complete Streets for an Aging America

By 2040, about one in six Americans will be older that 65. This presents a challenge for cities: How do they design streets and neighborhoods for an aging America? In this webinar, hosted by Scott Berson from the Coastal Regional Commission, participants will talk about why cities need to focus on designing “complete streets” that cater to all ages, so older Americans can live productive, meaningful and safe lives well into their golden years. Registration.