Engineering Solutions and Strategies for Safe Routes to School

Engineering is a fundamental component of Safe Routes to School, yet one of the trickiest to tackle. However, engineering does not have to mean big budget, long-term infrastructure projects. Small, cost-effective engineering solutions can still create meaningful change. Learn how you can implement quick, low-cost engineering solutions and strategies to improve safety and livability for students, staff, and the entire community. You will also hear about the Engineering Solutions Guide for Safe Routes to School, a new tool to help Safe Routes to School advocates, families, students, and community members understand the range of engineering strategies that can be employed and de-mystify some of the technical aspects of street design. Registration and more information.

Place It! for Safe Routes to School: An Interactive Community Engagement Workshop

On Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 1 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern, Safe Routes Partnership is hosting a free training led by Place It! on how to creatively engage students, parents, staff, and teachers around Safe Routes to School.

This virtual workshop will help generate ideas and designs for improved routes to school that place an emphasis less on enforcement and more on visionary and inclusive design solutions.

Materials needed: Any small objects you like that are nearby or lying around the house that you can use for your models. Sky’s the limit: houseplants, pens, shoes, candles, jewelry, books.

Some core workshop components include:

• Hands-on exercises to both help you generate your own creative ideas for
Safe Routes to School and to serve as a training so that you yourself can take these methods back and use them with students, parents, staff, and teachers to creatively engage them improving neighborhoods for students walking and rolling.

• An exploration of the psychology behind using one’s hands and building solutions vs. simply talking about those solutions, and how these media influence outcomes.

• A look at how these workshop methods can help engage underrepresented communities and communities of color in Safe Routes to School.

More information.

Georgia Safe Routes to School Webinar

The Three Rivers Regional Commission and the Georgia Safe Routes to School Resource Center present a discussion on how partnership with Safe Routes can benefit your school and community. Topics include Safe Routes basics, increased safety, travel mode options, and planning techniques.

Aug. 13 at 10 a.m.

These virtual trainings will take place via Zoom. Please RSVP with Paul Jarrell at

Bike to School Day 2020: From a Distance

May 4: INSPIRE: Decorate your sidewalk, windows or bike with signs of encouragement for your neighbors to bike and walk. For motivation to get biking, older students and caregivers can check out this inspirational video from People for Bikes.

May 5: PREPARE: Conduct a bike safety and helmet fit check. Do you have a bicycle? If so, have you done a basic safety check? Check the fit of your helmet and teach others in your family how to properly fit their helmets. Then, do the ABC Quick Check with help from the League of American Bicyclists. If you’re teaching a new bicyclist to ride, check out this instructional video for beginners from REI.

May 6: GET OUT THERE: Get out for a walk or ride with your family! Can you take a test ride to your school or around your neighborhood? Or take a walk to hunt for chalk art or signs created by others near you? Share a photo of your family or a location on your route with the tag #BiketoSchoolDay.

May 7: SHARE: Do you have safety concerns with walking or biking around your neighborhood? Learn who can help address those concerns using this list from PBIC and reach out.

May 8: TALK: Hold a five-minute interview with family members about their experience walking or biking. Look into online resources and biking and walking activities encouraged by your state or community transportation departments and advocacy groups.

Georgia Walk (and Bike) to School Day

The Georgia Safe Routes to School Resource Center sponsors Georgia Walk to School Day each year, encouraging schools to host a walking and biking to school event on March 11 or another day of their chosing in March. Schools should register their events using this form.