Webinar: Alternatives to Policing

As transportation agencies move to better understand how systemic racism and bias show up in the built environment, what alternatives to policing can transportation professionals use to ensure a dignified and safe mobility experience? More information.

Avoiding Gridlock: Strategies to Keep Cities Moving in a Pandemic & Beyond

As cities are beginning to reopen, traffic is quickly increasing. People are not riding transit at pre-pandemic rates, leaving cities to reassess how their transportation systems can function efficiently. Roadways were already at or above capacity before the pandemic hit, and now congestion is on its way to being even worse, resulting in gridlock that will hamper economic recovery efforts. This webinar will cover recent transportation trends in cities, the risks of increasing traffic congestion, and the tools and techniques cities are using, from the expansion of micromobility and congestion pricing to a variety of transit priority measures, to avoid increased congestion and gridlock.