11th Annual Jackson County Brevet

annual charity bike event, where 100% of all net proceeds is donated to Emory University, for the SOLE purpose of clinical research for Aplastic Anemia (AA). This rare, deadly bone marrow failure disease has not had any major changes in treatment over the last 33 years; THAT’s how rare this disease it. 1 in 2 million are diagnosed each year in the USA, and 95% of them are CHILDREN….ages 15 and younger. Pharmaceuticals won’t invest in clinical research b/c there’s not enough patients for them to get their money back, so it’s ALL about money to them. THIS is why this event exists, because EVERY child’s life matters and is valuable.
Our Event Director and his wife lost their 9-yr old daughter to this disease in 2014. My bride was sent home to die in 1986 because there were no other treatment options. She survives today only from RIGID healthy diet, but she is plagued with multiple auto-immune issues, as a result of AA
THIS IS PERSONAL and we are determined to force a change in an out-dated 33 year old treatment. WE NEED YOUR HELP BY PARTICIPATING IN OUR EVENT.