Beautiful Backroads Century

The BBC will be celebrating the 23rd Annual Bike Ride hosted by Anheuser-Busch, Cartersville, GA again this September!
Save your spot now and take advantage of our early-bird pricing.

Ride options of 14-miles, 31-miles, 48-miles, 67-miles (metric century), 100-miles.

This ride supports Hickory Log, a local Personal Care Home, providing a caring, loving environment for men with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Union City Fondo & Gravel Grind

Road rides: 30, 60 & 100 miles | Mixed Surface rides: 60 & 150 miles


WHY ROAD FONDO? Our velvety road rides of 50, 100 and 160 kilometers are well-suited to the beginner and the ultra-chill veteran alike. It’s scenic out here, with unabused country tarmac that rides much smoother than most. Whether you’re working up to the 30-mile or gunning for a century, it’s a delectable challenge, with so. Much. Climbing.

WHY GRAVEL GRIND? Most people don’t expect to find this kind of gravel just a few minutes outside Atlanta, so our mixed surface routes (100 and 200 kilometers) are surprising. They’re also rife with horrible life-affirming challenges to make every bone in your body curse your name: dirt, gravel, stream crossings, sand, tarmac, and so! Much! Climbing!


Regardless of your level, this is the event you’ll work up to this year. It’s an accomplishment just to finish our century routes, and for some, even 30 miles can be a battle. We salute everyone who pushes themselves to tackle this event.

If you’re ready, up the ante with a personal time goal. Or ride to win against some true athletes, thus cementing your own reputation as the truest athlete of all—and taking home the coveted belt as 2022’s King/Queen of the Road (in the Polyester100) or Unofficial Mixed Surface Champion (in the ToughSkin Open).

If you haven’t Fondoed with us before, you should know that our after-party is the stuff of dreams, with massages and music and food and beer and chairs, such chairs, chairs as far as the eye can see. This year, there will also be chili.

Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo

The secluded mountain roads around Bavarian-inspired Helen, Georgia are renowned for their beauty – and difficulty – The Team Type 1 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo route crisscrosses the Appalachian Trail over big mountains gaps.