Georgia Bikes receives grant from Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

Georgia Bikes is pleased to announce it has received a $73,755.63 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

The GOHS grant will fund the organization’s outreach and educational programs, which are produced in partnership with local agencies, nonprofits, and law enforcement to reduce bicyclist injuries and fatalities.

“The loss of one life on our roads is one too many, and the fact almost all fatal traffic crashes can be prevented is one reason why we are awarding this grant,” Allen Poole, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, said. “The target of zero traffic deaths in our nation is achievable, and we will continue to help develop and implement educational messages, enforcement campaigns, and other safety initiatives aimed at bringing us one step closer to our goal.”

“We are thankful to be once again partnering with GOHS to improve safety for people bicycling in our state. They have been stalwart supporters of our work over the years and we look forward to another year of educating residents of Georgia on bicycle safety,” said Georgia Bikes Executive Director Elliott Caldwell. “We believe that bicycling is a healthy, efficient, and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation and want everyone in our state, regardless of age, ability, location, or background, to be able to ride a bicycle to school, work, local businesses, to visit family and friends, or simply to get exercise. We hope to see a decrease in all crashes, including ones involving bicycles, in 2020 as we move towards zero traffic deaths in Georgia. 

The grant year for this award is Oct. 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2020. During the first month of the grant period, Georgia Bikes Safety Education Programs Manager John Bennett offered bicycle safety training programs in Savannah and Fitzgerald, and distributed bicycle education materials to scout troops, schools, cycling clubs, and bike shops throughout Georgia. Bennett is also providing support to community members in Glynn County who are organizing Bike Walk Golden Isles, a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization.

Georgia Bikes’ mission is to improve bicycling conditions and promote bicycling throughout the state of Georgia. Based in Macon, the nonprofit has offices in Athens and Savannah. Georgia Bikes organizes the annual Georgia Bike Summit, which has been held in cities around the state since 2009.

For more information on this grant program, contact GOHS at 404-656-6996 and for more information on GOHS and its other highway safety programs, visit

GOHS Grant Awarded

Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Teams Up With Bicycling Advocacy Organizations Through ‘Share the Road’ Tag Grant

Thanks to the popularity of Georgia’s “Share the Road” specialty license plates, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) is proud to  once again support statewide and local bicycle advocates in reducing bicycle-related injuries and fatalities in Georgia. GOHS is renewing a grant for Georgia Bikes, your statewide bicycling advocacy organization. Our friends at the Savannah Bicycle Campaign will also receive a portion of the grant award. Recipient organizations will use grant funds to coordinate a statewide media campaign encouraging road sharing and safe cycling behaviors and to distribute funds to county governments for the installation of “Share the Road” signage and other street markings. Funds will also be distributed to local advocacy organizations through our Seed Grants program.

With increasing numbers of cyclists on Georgia’s roads, as recreational riders and as commuters, the Department of Driver Services and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recognize the urgent need to reduce bicycle injuries and fatalities in the state. To accomplish this goal, these agencies made available a “Share the Road” specialty license plate in 2006. Through the “Share the Road” tag grant, fees collected from these plates will fund: increased awareness of bicycles on the road; programs that improve safety through bicyclist/motorist educational and awareness programs; public safety media campaigns; bicycle safety training and workshops; law enforcement programs; local bicycle advisory committee seed grants; and the purchase and installation of bicycle signage.

While local bicycle safety campaigns have been underway in some communities throughout the state, there has never been a well-funded, coordinated effort to address driver and cyclist education. This grant will connect existing local campaigns and increase their effectiveness by spreading a cohesive, coherent message to improve bicycle safety across Georgia.

“Thanks to the GOHS “Share the Road” tag grant,” says Georgia Bikes’ Executive Director Brent Buice, “bicycling advocates around the state now have a meaningful opportunity to increase safety for all of our road’s users and, hopefully, positively impact the transportation culture of our state.”