Research in Action: Trends in How Municipalities Are Addressing Increased Demand for Safe Public Space Webinar

This webinar will describe various strategies communities are implementing in response to increased demands for safe public space for walking and cycling during the COVID-19 crisis. Researchers at UNC’s  Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center will present on an effort to collect and analyze data on these strategies in order to identify community-based factors related to their adoption, impacts, long-term viability, and potential unintended consequence.  This webinar is intended for those just starting out on the walking path as well as those interested in learning more about the topic. More information and registration.

Bike Walk Savannah Wednesday Walks

Staying physically active is important for both physical AND mental health, and is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why Bike Walk Savannah is encouraging everyone to get out for a walk around their neighborhood or yard! Tune in on Wednesday for a prompt of something to share from your adventure, and take photos to share your walk. Make sure to tag Bike Walk Savannah and #BikeWalkSAV #WednesdayWalks.

Webinar: What COVID-19 Stimulus packages promise for infrastructure

With Congress scrambling to address unprecedented unemployment and an economy in free-fall, negotiations over stimulus packages present new possibilities for one of the Trump administration’s long-promised priorities: infrastructure. In this webinar, we will explore new and innovative policy approaches that will generate more value from existing U.S. infrastructure, including asset recycling and public-private partnerships. We will also discuss the role of infrastructure in economic stimulus, as well impact such proposals can be expected to have for the United States economy and workforce.

Savannah City Cycling Webinar

Savannah’s level topography, dense urban form, and warm weather make it a great place to get around by bike. However, Savannah also has a high rate of traffic crashes involving people on bikes.

This free one hour webinar will equip you to avoid the most common hazards and become more confident riding in the city. Bicycle theft prevention will also be discussed. The seminar is ideal for students and other new arrivals in Savannah.

Visit for more information. Registration is free, but required.

My Bike Macon Photo Series

The “My Bike Macon project” is an ongoing series of portraits and profiles of Maconites who use a bicycle to get around for more than just recreation. These photos highlight people who bike to get to work or school, or bike to run errands, or bike to improve their health. Together, these images and stories begin to form a portrait of Macon as an emerging bicycling city. This project is launched by Bike Walk Macon and photographer Dsto Moore to help celebrate Bike Walk Month, but it will continue to highlight different photographers and bicycle commuters every month.

Eighth Annual Matt’s Moon River Cruise

The Eighth Annual Matt’s Moon River Cruise, presented by the Law Office of Joseph J. Steffen, will be held virtually May 21-26 — from wherever you are.

The event is named in memory of Matt Kohler, who was hit from behind by a driver on July 26, 2012 while riding his bike on U.S. Highway 80 in Bloomingdale.

On Friday, May 22, we will post a variety of routes ranging from 4-25 miles for all to enjoy in Savannah. These rides do not need to be completed on Friday — rather, they are a suggestion of routes to take at your leisure. Participants are encouraged to post photos on social media, tagging @BikeWalkSav, #MMRC8, #BikeWalkSAV, #BikesUnite. Want to share your route from outside Savannah? Email us at

Webinar: Make News and Take Advantage of News Cycles

Yes, the time of the Corona Virus is both confusing and challenging for everyone right now but our clearer skies and traffic calmed streets are also the perfect time to create a more dynamic media relations strategy to call attention to active mobility.

We’re living in a time of disruption. Now more than ever it’s time for fresh, strategic thinking.

Using the bike as the center piece for successful case studies this online course will give you the tools and tips you need to think outside of the box to get the story of the work you’re doing into the media in a powerful ongoing way.pedal