Webinar: On the Park Bench – Pandemic Toolkit

What’s likely to linger in the aftermath of the global COVID crisis are the impacts on local and regional governments that provide the services citizens experience most directly in their daily lives. Faced with budget shortfalls, growing to-do lists for routine tasks delayed by the emergency, and general uncertainty about a “new normal,” how might governments address the uncertainty and respond effectively to the challenges? That’s the goal of our Pandemic Toolkit. Join this session with the toolkit’s lead authors, Hazel Borys and Susan Henderson to explore the applications. More information.

Webinar: Transforming Urban Spaces into Livable, Sustainable Communities

This webinar will focus on the best ways to create livable and equitable urban spaces as we plan for a more sustainable future. Specifically, we will discuss the benefits of greenways for sustainable transport and health and effective communication to users of public transportation. The utilization of clean technology and innovations will also be highlighted in these fields, especially with consideration for equity and accessibility. Registration and more information.