Webinar: Connecting Trails, Connecting Communities

This webinar will explore some of the key community projects that would turn Atlanta’s existing patchwork of trails into a truly transformative, cohesive network. It will address:

• The disconnected nature of the region’s trail network, which limits the ability of trails to serve as a means of daily transportation
• The lack of access to trails in some parts of metro Atlanta, despite robust investment across the region in recent years.
• The key projects needed to connect existing trails and build out the regional trail network

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Webinar: Inclusive Community Engagement During Covid-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected communities of color throughout metro Atlanta with respect to health, housing, small businesses and jobs, transportation, education, and more. Relief and recovery efforts are compounding existing inequities. The effective design and implementation of community engagement and outreach efforts during and after the COVID-19 crisis must acknowledge and address historical, social, cultural, and other challenges to inclusive community engagement, incorporate a variety of approaches, and endeavor to establish and grow trust with and among these communities. Doing so ensures a process that is more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, and expands the range of different and improved outcomes. This webinar will focus on increasing understanding and capabilities for inclusive community engagement processes and initiatives among communities of color, immigrant communities, and low-income communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.