March Membership Special!

For a limited time only: become a Georgia Bikes member at the $75 level or above and receive a special, members-only technical hat!

These technical hats from Headsweats are made “with a blend of elegant design and technical innovation that make them the most comfortable and best performance hats you will ever wear.”

Stay comfortable while you’re outside and protect yourself from excess sun with these new, exclusive Georgia Bikes hats! 

Join today at our special, limited-time $75 membership level or above and you’ll receive your hat in April! Already a member? Renew today at the $75 dollar (or higher!) level to get yours!


These hats will be available on a pre-order basis only, so you must join or renew your membership by 5:00 on 3/23/2023.


Questions about our memberships and this limited-time special?

I’m already a member, can I still get a hat?
– Yes! Renew early at the $75 level or above and you can receive this special-edition hat! Your renewal date will be updated to match your most recent contribution date. 

I JUST made (or renewed) my membership contribution. Can I get a hat?
– If you’ve renewed your membership during the calendar year (2023) at an amount greater than $75, email Justin and we’ll get you on our list for hats. 

I’m a current member at the $50 Household level, how can I get a hat?
– Renew today at the $75 level! Your existing membership renewal date will be updated to match your most recent contribution, so you won’t need to worry about us asking you to renew for another twelve months!

Can I just buy a hat?
– Sorry, but these are a member benefit only! They won’t be available for sale.

What if I renew after 3/23?
– We’re ordering these based on pre-sale numbers, so you must renew before we place our order with the manufacturer!

Why should I be a member, anyway?
– That’s a great question! Our members join a growing movement for a bike-friendly Georgia, plus you’ll get a digital membership card, invitation to the Georgia Bikes Strava group, advanced notice on upcoming events, and a discount code to purchase an active ID wristband or necklace.

Plus, your membership provides essential support for our advocacy efforts and allows us to build on these great successes for better bicycling in Georgia:

  • We won a three-foot safe passing bill in 2011 and an updated and improved bill in 2021 
  • We defeated a single-file riding bill in 2012 and 2014
  • We won a statewide Complete Streets policy
  • We have provided support to bicycle advocacy organizations around the state and have helped found new organizations
  • We won dedicated funding for bicycling safety projects on state routes
  • We organize an annual statewide summit
  • We have trained hundreds of Georgia city and county officials on how to create safe, accessible streets for people of all ages and abilities
  • We have trained hundreds of law enforcement officers on your rights as a road user
  • We have distributed tens of thousands of our Bicyclist Pocket Guides
  • And so much more!

If you encounter problems submitting the membership form or prefer to mail a check, please contact Justin Bristol.