Georgia Statewide Bicycle Route Network


In 1997, the State Transportation Board (GDOT's governing body) approved a Bicycle & Pedestrian State Network Plan, which designates14 routes, covering 2,943 miles of Georgia roadways, for intra- and inter-state bicycle travel. The State Bike Route Network map was updated in 2010 and is published as an aid for transportation, recreational, and touring cycling. The map indicates general traffic levels on state roadways with colors from green (low volume) to red (high volume); roads with a minimum four foot shoulder are outlined in black.

The full map is a very large PDF file. A number of smaller, city-specific maps are also available in the GDOT documents archive for separate download. Several cities, such as Athens and Savannah, have their own local bike maps that are much more accurate for trip planning in those areas.

The Adventure Cycling Association has a several blog posts about bike touring in GA, bike overnights on the Silver Comet, and Georgia's integration with the national US Bicycle Route System as well.

We are partnering with GDOT to review and develop strategic recommendations for improving several key statewide bike routes in the coming years.

Important Note: The designation of these routes is primarily for planning purposes. Few, if any, of the designated state bike routes are actually bicycle friendly as of today. Most routes are high-speed highways with heavy truck traffic. Bicycle facilities are scarce and/or disconnected. Before using one of these routes, be sure to consult Google Street View or a similar service to assess actual roadway conditions. In most cases, you will enjoy a safer, more pleasant ride if you opt for county or local roads that parallel these state routes. We are working closely with GDOT to ensure that the designated state routes will include bike lanes, bikable shoulders, and wayfinding signage whenever possible.