Help us make Georgia a better place for bicycling

Wouldn’t it be great for your event to have safer roads and drivers in Georgia?

We’ve got you covered! Georgia Bikes is your voice for better bicycling in Georgia. Our mission is to improve bicycling conditions throughout the state, and the more successful we are, the more successful your event will be!

Bicycle rides, races and other events in Georgia — both in-person and virtual — can easily and conveniently support our outreach and advocacy efforts by contributing a small portion of ride proceeds to Georgia Bikes. These contributions will ensure that Georgia’s cyclists will enjoy safer roads, better protection under the law, and more bicycle-friendly facilities.

What will we get out of it?

Event Safety Signs: We make sure your riders are visible to area motorists. Visit the Event Safety Signs page for details.

Promotion and Publicity: Georgia Bikes will get the word out! Through our online announcements and social media updates, your event will receive high profile publicity to thousands of cyclists, as well as health, recreation, and transportation professionals across southeast. We will include a “Featured Event” posting on the Home and Event pages of our website. We can also provide you with the email and postal addresses of bike clubs and bike shops throughout the state to help you distribute your event promotion and registration materials. If you provide copies of your event’s flyer, we will also display them each time Georgia Bikes participates in an expo or other tabling or tent event.

Advocacy: Georgia Bikes improves cycling conditions! Georgia Bikes is the preeminent statewide bicycling advocacy and promotion organization for Georgia’s cycling community! We are constantly working with local, state, and federal entities to improve bicycling conditions and to educate the public and law enforcement about bicyclist rights and responsibilities. In addition to successfully achieving Georgia’s 3-foot Passing law, our outreach efforts include law enforcement training, the Breakfast the Capitol event, the annual Georgia Bike Summit, and much more!

Supporting Georgia Bikes is an easy, responsible way to guarantee that cycling becomes safer and continues to grow in Georgia. Safer cycling means more cyclists, which means better turnout for your events!

How much does it cost?

Your support for Georgia Bikes can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Add a dollar to your registration fee and let ride participants know that this dollar is dedicated to Georgia Bikes, or
  2. Pledge a contribution from your overall proceeds – all we ask is that you submit at least $1.00 per registered event participant.

How do I do it?

Simply complete the Supporting Event Application form below and we’ll be in touch to get things rolling!

If you have any questions, please contact email 

Thank you for your continuing support of better bicycling in Georgia!