Georgia Transportation Planning & Safety Resources


GDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

The Georgia DOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program incorporates a broad range of programs and initiatives throughout the state, offering technical assistance, engineering and planning guidance, public information, and educational materials and programs for cyclists, walkers, and visitors in Georgia.


Georgia Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)

"Metropolitan Planning Organizations are federally designated agencies created in urban areas containing more than 50,000 people. Fifteen MPOs operate within Georgia. They are charged with conducting comprehensive, coordinated planning processes to determine the transportation needs of their respective constituencies, and prioritizing and programming projects (including bicycle and pedestrian projects) for federal funding. The MPOs conduct open public meetings annually for input into the development of the Long Range Plans and Transportation Improvement Programs – check out the website for your local MPO to learn how to get involved." (explanation courtesy of GDOT)


Georgia Association of Regional Commissions

Regional Commissions are state-mandated planning agencies that prepare plans and analysis for future economic, land use and transportation needs for 12 different regions of Georgia. Click the link above for more about the regional commissions.


GOHS Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Team

The GOHS (Governor's Office of Highway Safety) website provides information on Georgia bicycle laws, safety, and more.