Campaigns and Programs for Local Advocacy Organizations

Looking for a jumpstart on activities for your local advocacy organization? Check out the ideas below, and please let us know if you have any creative suggestions to share with other advocates in Georgia!


A “campaign” is an activity with a winnable, achieveable end result. A successful campaign should end with a celebration! Local bicycle advocacy campaigns can include:

  • Installation of bicycle lanes/signage on a particular street
  • Creation of a local Bicycle Master Plan or Bicycle Advisory Group
  • Completion of an Economic Impact, Interest in Cycling, or bike count survey/study
  • Passage of legislation or a local ordinance. Examples: Complete Streets policy, dedicated funding for bicycle improvements, adopting NACTO Bikeway Design Guide
  • Obtaining funds for a specific bicycle facility project


“Programs” are ongoing activities or events that improve bicycle access, safety, education, and understanding. There is no limit to how creative you can be with your programs!

  • Start a community bike shop or repair center
  • Conduct a recurring special event that promotes bicycling and safety: Open Streets, bike parades, scavenger hunts, helmet/light giveaways, races, centuries, etc.
  • Conduct weekly or monthly group rides for target populations (women, new riders, families, singles, etc)
  • Host trainings on basic bicycle repair and maintenance
  • Provide regular “Smart Cycling” courses on safe bicycle operation


Power Point Presentation on Effective Local Advocacy