A Vote for Bikes is a Vote for Me!

Let's Create Opportunities for Healthy, Family-Friendly Communities in GA

The problem

Georgians are eager to plan and build safe, family-friendly streets and trails, but their efforts are hindered by red tape and a lack of dependable funding. Small towns and cities need a reliable, timely and streamlined process for funding small-scale projects that will improve safety and yield high economic returns.

The Opportunity

The Georgia General Assembly is considering bold increases in state transportation funding during this winter's legislative session. Biking, walking, and transit improvements must be a meaningful part of whatever funding system emerges.

The Solution

 State lawmakers should establish dedicated funding for active transportation projects, such as sidewalks, paved trails and protected bike lanes. Read a full description of the issue and recommended solutions.

How You Can Help

Contact your state representative and senator and let them know that bicycle projects are good for Georgia and good for their district. Bike and pedestrian projects are cheap, they create jobs, they give people the opportunity to make healthy choices, and they are a proven technique for boosting local economies and attracting investment. In cities, well-conected bike facilities reduce traffic and allow citizens of all ages and abilities to safely access community resources, schools and jobs.

Please sign our online petition, which will share our request for dedicated state funding for biking and walking projects with Governor Deal and the top transportation committee members in the state capitol.

You can also download campaign posters and post your support in your school or workplace: Poster 1 | Poster 2 | Poster 3

Let Georgia's lawmakers know that "A Vote for Bikes is a Vote for Me!"