Board Member - Joe Seconder


Joe Seconder is a retired US Army Reserve Officer (Major, Infantry) with 23 years of service, including the Georgia National Guard; active duty volunteering for Operation Desert Storm, and in 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom in a combat zone. Joe presently is a sales executive with Oracle specializing in Human Capital Management solutions in the public sector. He moved from Michigan to Metro Atlanta in 1984, took an overseas assignment in Europe for several years where he experienced the positive transformation on people and communities enabled through bicycling. Upon returning to Georgia, Joe founded Bike Cobb in 2008, Bike Walk Dunwoody in 2009, and joined the board of Georgia Bikes, serving as board President for 2017. Joe’s mantra is, “Instead of talking about wanting safer and better places to ride, take action. Connect and collaborate. A few people spending a few focused hours a month CAN effect change and transform their local community – be it for an 8 year old riding to school, an 80 year old going to the library or for a coffee, or a 40 year old training for an Ironman.” Joe presently resides with his wife, Kathleen in Dunwoody where he is active in the community and civic organizations.