Safety Education Programs Manager

Nedra Deadwyler

Hello, bicycle community! 
I am Nedra, and I am one of the newest members to the Georgia Bikes team as the Safety Education Programs Manager.  I'm a native Georgian, and I’ve lived and biked in New York City and Seattle between the years of 2000 and 2010, where I reconnected to my love of bike riding!  In these cities, taking transit, walking and biking for fun and transportation developed and became one of the reasons bicycling is a continued part of my life. 
While living in both Seattle and NYC, Iparticipated in biking events like Chilly Hilly, Seattle to Portland, and a bi-athalon, helping me to realize that biking can occur over your entire lifespan. Before joining Georgia Bikes, I founded Civil Bikes, which organizes bicycle tours using history and oral history to create a sense of place and to teach safe bicycling in Atlanta.  Prior to my bike life, I was a social worker for 15 years, with degrees in social work from both the University of Georgia and New York University.  
My goal with joining Georgia Bikes is to support the statewide effort to increase bicycling, build knowledge of safe bicycling practices, increase the understanding of rights and responsibilities of bicyclists, and decrease the number of bike crashes.  I am a League Certified Instructor since August of 2014, teaching with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition for the past year and as a private instructor.  I hope that the Georgia biking community and those who are looking to add a bicycle to their individual life and community’s life will add me to their team.
All the best, get on a bike!
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