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COVID-19 response: Bike industry guidance on Small Business Association loans

During this webinar, we will dive more deeply into finding the correct grant or loans for your business, the process of applying for grants and loans and what those mean for your business and employees. We'll be joined by Burl Kelton, Public Affairs Specialist at the Small Business Association to help navigate Emergency Injury Disaster ... Read more

E-bike webinar: Using pilot programs to navigate e-bike use on the trail

During this webinar we will explain how electric mountain bike (eMTB) pilot programs can assist land managers in making data-driven decisions regarding e-bike use on their trails. We will cover the basics on how to implement a pilot program, how pilot programs can benefit communities, and lessons learned from other land managers who have completed ... Read more

PlacesForBikes City Ratings: What we can learn from measuring bicycling in the U.S.

PeopleForBikes released its third annual City Ratings with results for more than 500 U.S. cities this spring. The PlacesForBikes City Rating program scores cities on five factors that provide a balanced view of bicycling success: Ridership: How many people ride bikes for recreation and transportation? Safety: How safe is it to ride a bike? How ... Read more

Webinar: Make Your City Better For Biking with Advocacy Academy

PeopleForBikes is launching the Advocacy Academy — a PlacesForBikes program designed to provide city planners, elected officials, advocates and businesses tools to make their cities better for biking. Join this webinar on Nov. 17, 2020 to learn more about Advocacy Academy, the best practices and resources we've collected, and ways to work in your town ... Read more

Leveraging Policy to Support the Bike Boom in 2021

Virtual Event

PeopleForBikes has a bold 2021 federal policy agenda to capitalize on the recent bike boom and set up our nation to support more and better bike riding. Join this webinar to learn about what the recent election means for trade and tariffs and our priorities in 2021. Priorities include: Increasing funding for better bike networks, ... Read more

Virtual Bicycle Leadership Conference

Virtual Event

Following a successful virtual Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC) in 2020, People For Bikes is hosting a virtual BLC April 12-14, 2021. More information.