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PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Confronting Power and Privilege in Transportation Planning for Healthy and Equitable Communities (Health Series Part 1)

Kicking off the Bicycle and Pedestrian Information Center Health and Transportation Webinar Series will be a diverse group of planning and public health professionals who have issued a call to action for fundamentally shifting the way we plan, build, program, advocate, and legislate for transportation in our communities to prioritize health and quality of life ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Health and Transportation Partnerships: Agency Structures for Collaboration / HiAP (Health Series Part 2)


A Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework encourages interagency collaboration on the shared goal of improving health outcomes. This webinar focuses on application of HiAP in transportation agency work, highlighting lessons learned, partnership models for forming interdisciplinary teams, structuring task forces, and how establishing mutual goals can bring diverse sets of stakeholders together to create ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Health and Transportation Partnerships: Integrating Health Data into Transportation Planning (Health Series Part 3)

Around the U.S., practitioners at state, regional, and local levels have been leading efforts to integrate health metrics in transportation planning to identify and measure health outcomes resulting from transportation projects. Panelists will share experiences in building partnerships, communicating across disciplines, and linking diverse data sources to gain a more complete understanding of the impacts ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Planning and Prioritizing Projects for Health (Health Series Part 4)

Transportation planning and project development present opportunities to use prioritization criteria that incorporate health considerations as well as increase collaboration between health and transportation agencies during the process. The 2020 update of Virginia's Pedestrian Safety Action Plan includes a systemic pedestrian safety analysis to identify priority corridors for improving pedestrian safety. VDOT collaborated with the ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Bringing Public Health to the Transportation Policy Table (Health Series Part 5)

Formal policies recognizing the need to connect health and transportation agencies can ensure that common visions, understanding, and resources needed for interagency collaboration are in place. This webinar focuses on multisolving and systems work at the policy level, highlighting efforts where public health helped engage the public and advocate to elected officials to advance active ... Read more

Webinar: Re-envisioning School Streets as Part of Pandemic Recovery

Virtual Event

For decades, communities in the U.S. and around the world have been working to improve road safety around schools, especially for students, our youngest commuters. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted typical travel behaviors and provides the chance for communities to consider changes to school travel with the return to in-person learning. Some of these approaches, ... Read more