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How to improve Bicycling and Walking Safety: A Look at Speed and Safe Infrastructure Webinar

Bicycling and walking fatalities are on the rise, both in terms of real numbers and as a percentage of traffic fatalities. This session will focus on the effects of speed on the safety of vulnerable users and recommended infrastructure for safe bicycling and walking including US Federal Highway Administration's Bikeway Selection Guideline.

Webinar: Automated Vehicles and Bicycling and Walking Safety

Automated Vehicles are a hot topic in transportation because of their promise of increased safety and ease of use, but does that include the safety of people outside the vehicle? This session will cover the current state of research on how the potential AVs possess and where the technology is now.

U.S. Federal Policy Webinar

Join Caron Whitaker, CLW Consulting, LLC, for a briefing on the latest developments in U.S. federal transportation policy and legislation. Policy briefings are scheduled quarterly, with additional dates added as needed.

Webinar: A Discussion of the NTSB Bicycle Safety Report

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its full report on bicyclist safety in December 2019: Bicyclist Safety on US Roadways: Crash Risks and Countermeasures, the agency’s first report on bicyclist safety in 47 years. Most of the report focuses on what federal agencies can do to improve the safety of people who bike. Join ... Read more

Webinar: Are We There Yet? Best Practices in Speed Management

Virtual Event

Cities, states, and national agencies are increasingly recognizing that managing vehicle speeds is an essential component to reducing serious injuries and fatalities from motor vehicles. National agencies have recommended removing the guidance to set speeds based on the 85th percentile (National Traffic Safety Board and NACTO) or has expanded the factors being considered in setting ... Read more

The Walking College: Building the Local Capacity of the National Walking Movement

Virtual Event

This webinar will describe the Walking College and present research on community outcomes from this fellowship program, which is designed to build the capacity of local change agents to increase walking and improve walkability in their communities. During the 6-month course, Walking College Fellows study online materials, complete community assignments, take part in video discussion ... Read more

Making Intersection and Crossings Safe and Efficient: A Summary of the NCHRP 3-133 Report

Virtual Event

The development of safety of metrics within signalized intersections is an important effort for cities. Safer pedestrians and bicycle crossings can be created by eliminating or mitigating conflicts with turning traffic, but what the research suggests is that in order to achieve Vision Zero, we need to identify new requirements for protected turns. This webinar ... Read more

ActiveTO: The City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Response – 26 Kilometers of Rapid Installed Bikeways

Virtual Event

The City of Toronto's COVID-19 response programs, including ActiveTO, have been focused on making sure people have space to get around while respecting physical distancing. Each response program was developed through a review process using the City's Equity Lens Tool and demonstrating a strong commitment to reducing inequities experienced by Toronto's vulnerable populations. More information.

Forum on the Manual for Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Virtual Event

As a follow up to the March 10 webinar Information and Education on the MUTCD, APBP will host a facilitated forum on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) recommendations currently open for comment with a May 14 deadline. We will share the areas APBP will be addressing in our comments and learn from attendees ... Read more

Using Indicators to Track Walking and Cycling Progress

Virtual Event

The City and County of Peterborough, Ontario, and their partners at Peterborough Public Health and GreenUP, have just published their second major publication using infographics and plain language to tell the story of changes in walking and cycling in their communities. The 2020 Active Transportation and Health Indicators Report is designed to be a reference ... Read more

Non Urban Networks: Active Transportation in Rural America

Virtual Event

Small communities across the US are working to support active transportation as hard as their counterparts in urban centers. But they often lack the resources of their urban counterparts, and are rarely the focus of active transportation narratives. This webinar focuses on rural active transport by bringing together planners to discuss challenges and opportunities in ... Read more

Evolving Multi-modal Impact Analyses

Virtual Event

Level of service has dominated project traffic impact analysis for decades. For nearly as long, LOS has been critiqued for its focus on automobiles at the expense of quality active transportation infrastructure. Now the regulatory environment is changing. California is implementing SB 743, requiring that LOS be replaced by vehicle miles traveled, elevating the importance ... Read more

The Pedestrian Safety Crisis in America: Why it’s happening and what we can do about it

Virtual Event

More than 6,000 pedestrians are killed every year on US streets, representing an enormous 50% increase from the first part of the decade. For the Latinx population in particular, walking, biking, and using public transportation are the most affordable mobility options, thus putting the population at a higher risk of pedestrian death. Additionally, there's a ... Read more

Planning for All Ages and Abilities Through Inclusive and Virtual Walk Audits

Virtual Event

Walk audits are a common public engagement activity used in pedestrian planning, but often are not accessible to or inclusive of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are more likely to rely on walking for daily trips and may be more aware of and impacted by problems in the transportation network. Planning and street design ... Read more

Linework, Models, Counters… OH MY: A Utah Story of Multi-Agency Collaboration to Develop Active Transportation Data and Tools

Virtual Event

In the last two years Utah has made huge strides in active transportation (AT) data collection, curation, and distribution. The key to success continues to be a multi-agency partnership, and tackling the challenge through a logical order of projects. This session will highlight four Utah AT information resource initiatives: development and stewardship of a robust, ... Read more

Defining the Relationship between Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification

Virtual Event

Although research has not confirmed a causal relationship between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification, there are cases that show a directly link. Toole Design is working with two clients on research projects exploring this relationship. In this webinar, Toole will introduce the connection between bike lanes and trails and gentrification by highlighting foundational research. Oregon Metro ... Read more

Walking & Biking in Rural Communities: How Planning, Partnerships & Equity Play a Role

Virtual Event

This webinar will consist of three parts: 1.Best practices and lessons learned for implementing bike and ped facilities in rural cities, and the challenges faced when working with small communities (presented by Bolton & Menk) 2.Example of successful implementation through strong partner relationships and proper planning in the City of Le Sueur, a city of ... Read more

City as a Canvas – How Three Florida Cities Approach Placemaking

Virtual Event

The cities of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa are teaming up to share their programs and experiences relating to the "City as a Canvas" concept by introducing art into unique places. Representatives from each of the three cities will talk about their experiences initiating, promoting, funding, and executing the following project types: sidewalk cartouches/sidewalk poetry, ... Read more