Georgia Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Action Plan


Federal transportation legilsation requires every state to develop Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSP) in order to continue to receive certain federal transportation funds.

Georgia’s first SHSP was completed and adopted by Governor Perdue in October 2006 and updated again in October 2007. The plan identifies ten “key emphasis areas” and calls for the development of individual Safety Action Plans for each key emphasis area. Non-motorized transportation – bicyclists and pedestrians – was one of these areas. A bicycle and pedestrian task team was convened in 2009, headed by Georgia Department of Transportation’s State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, to develop the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.

The purpose of the Safety Action Plan is to identify current conditions, safety problems and needs, and to determine future funding and programs to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The 2010 Georgia Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is being reviewed by Georgia Bikes and other stakeholders in early 2013.