HB 180 – 3 Foot Safe Passing bill

AJC article about HB 180 not making it past “crossover” day. Even though it didn’t pass this year, HB180 will be eligible for discussion and a vote during next year’s session. Be sure you let your state Representative know your feelings about the “Tony Serrano Three Foot Passing Bill.”

9:30 PM, 3/16/11 – The House adjourned until Monday. HB 180 was not released by House Rules Committee and therefore did not come forth for a full House vote. We sincerely appreciate all of the efforts from Georgia’s cyclists in support of this bill. We will continue to push for this important safety legislation in future sessions. In the meantime, HB 101 did pass the House and will move into the Senate – watch for updates on getting the “Better Bicycling Bill” passed and enacted!Current version of HB 180. For your reference, we have an updated white paper on HB 180, the “Three Foot Safe Passing” bill.