HB 101, with 3 Foot Passing amendment, up for final vote April 16

Georgia is poised to pass significant legislation that will dramatically improve safe cycling conditions in the state.

HB 101 is up for another vote today in the House of Representatives.

Due to modifications made in the Senate on April 12th, HB 101 is coming before the House of Representatives once more for approval of the bill with changes (known as an “agree” vote). Today is the final day of the 2011 legislative session.

In order for the bill to pass, it must receive at least 91 votes.You can¬†watch the House broadcast live¬†online, but please note that it’s any one’s guess as to when 101 will reach the floor for a vote ( some time between 9 am and midnight tonight).

Senate changes being voted upon include:

  • An amendment defining the minimum safe passing distance as three feet (introduced by Sen. John Albers of Roswell)
  • Removal of language prohibiting parking in bicycle lanes (In some areas, bicycle lanes have been inappropriately
    installed in on street parking areas. Georgia Bikes! plans to work on this issue.)
  • Removal of language requiring children under the age of 1 year to wear a helmet (no helmets are manufactured for
    this age group)

101 initially passed the House 93-73 and was sponsored by Rep Doug McKillip of Athens.

HB 101 Passed the Senate, with amendments, 47-4 and was sponsored by Senator Bill Cowsert, also from Athens.

For the latest & previous versions of the bill, click here.