GA teen’s petition: More emphasis on sharing the road needed on driver’s test

Justin Bridges, a north Atlanta teen, has created an online petition calling for improvements to GA driver’s education so that new drivers better understand the state’s 3′ safe passing law and how to drive safely around people on bikes.

In a personal appeal, Justin introduces himself and explains why better education is needed:

” I recently took the on-line training to get my Georgia Driver’s License.  I was surprised to find that out of the 30+ hours of material there was only one slide on awareness of cyclists.  And, even that slide was shared with information on pedestrians.  As a cyclist, racer, and endurance rider, I spend a lot of time on urban and rural roads.  I have seen firsthand how cyclists and drivers become involved in accidents.  I invite you to join me in requesting Governor Deal and [Dept of Driver Services] Commissioner Mikell to include more information on this important issue to the new driver training program.”

Way to take leadership on this important issue, Justin!