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Where Do We Go from Here? A Critical Discussion on Road Safety & the Pandemic

We all recognize that pandemic conditions are transforming life as we know it — in some short-term ways and some potentially long-range. Join us for a deep-dive discussion with national transportation leaders recognizing the many challenges we face while trying to center safety, health and justice in our transportation work. Key questions will include: How ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Health and Transportation Partnerships: Agency Structures for Collaboration / HiAP (Health Series Part 2)

PA, India

A Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework encourages interagency collaboration on the shared goal of improving health outcomes. This webinar focuses on application of HiAP in transportation agency work, highlighting lessons learned, partnership models for forming interdisciplinary teams, structuring task forces, and how establishing mutual goals can bring diverse sets of stakeholders together to create ... Read more

Not ‘Back to Normal’: Mapping a Just Transportation Recovery from COVID-19

This year’s Not ‘Back to Normal’: Mapping a Just Transportation Recovery from COVID-19, a remote learning series presented by the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium, will consider the transportation system before, during, and after COVID-19. COVID-19 has produced a profound shock to transportation systems already rife with inequities and inefficiencies. The intensity and speed with which ... Read more

Panel discussion: Cycling at the Intersections

Cycling at the Intersections, a virtual event, will discuss the experiences of Black trans, femme, women, and non-binary cyclists with featured speakers. More information. 


Knight Public Spaces Forum 2020

Knight believes that public spaces play an essential role in fostering more informed and engaged communities. This year’s Knight Public Spaces Forum will focus on how leaders from across the country are pivoting their public spaces in response to the COVID-19 crisis, economic downturn, and the most recent wave of racial justice movements. More information. 

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Health and Transportation Partnerships: Integrating Health Data into Transportation Planning (Health Series Part 3)

Around the U.S., practitioners at state, regional, and local levels have been leading efforts to integrate health metrics in transportation planning to identify and measure health outcomes resulting from transportation projects. Panelists will share experiences in building partnerships, communicating across disciplines, and linking diverse data sources to gain a more complete understanding of the impacts ... Read more

Make it Count: Collecting and Applying Trail Count Data Webinar

Learn from industry experts, advocates, and practitioners about how to collect and apply trail count data, and how to leverage that data in order to achieve meaningful, tangible changes in your community. More information.

Webinar: Transforming Urban Spaces into Livable, Sustainable Communities

This webinar will focus on the best ways to create livable and equitable urban spaces as we plan for a more sustainable future. Specifically, we will discuss the benefits of greenways for sustainable transport and health and effective communication to users of public transportation. The utilization of clean technology and innovations will also be highlighted ... Read more

Using video analytics to improve transportation safety

Join Transportation for America, City of Bellevue, and the City of Edmonton on Friday, October 23 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm ET to hear how the cities have used video analytics to improve transportation safety in their communities. Franz Loewenherz from the City of Bellevue will share how the city is leveraging traffic conflict analytics ... Read more

What Does Equity in Smart Growth Really Mean: A Conversation Between Calvin Gladney and Andre Perry

Join the Smart Growth Network as Calvin Gladney, President and CEO of Smart Growth America and a national thought leader on equitable and sustainable community revitalization, and Andre Perry of the Brookings Institution and author of Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities meet in a virtual forum to discuss smart ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Planning and Prioritizing Projects for Health (Health Series Part 4)

Transportation planning and project development present opportunities to use prioritization criteria that incorporate health considerations as well as increase collaboration between health and transportation agencies during the process. The 2020 update of Virginia's Pedestrian Safety Action Plan includes a systemic pedestrian safety analysis to identify priority corridors for improving pedestrian safety. VDOT collaborated with the ... Read more

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series: Bringing Public Health to the Transportation Policy Table (Health Series Part 5)

Formal policies recognizing the need to connect health and transportation agencies can ensure that common visions, understanding, and resources needed for interagency collaboration are in place. This webinar focuses on multisolving and systems work at the policy level, highlighting efforts where public health helped engage the public and advocate to elected officials to advance active ... Read more

Driving Down Emissions: Transportation, land use, and climate change

With transportation accounting for the largest share of carbon emissions in the U.S., we will never achieve ambitious climate targets or create more livable and equitable communities if we don’t find ways to allow people to get around outside of a car—or provide more housing in places where that’s already an option. Our new report, ... Read more

Doing More with Bike Data

Bike data is an essential tool to develop, maintain and communicate the success of cycling projects. From automated counters to GPS traces, bikeshare data to crash statistics, data plays an increasingly pivotal role in cycling planning. Sometimes, however, collecting, managing and actually using that data can seem like a minefield. What are the best practices ... Read more

Kinder Institute Forum: Tamika L. Butler

Virtual Event

"Transportation Equity: The Time is Now!" — A national expert and speaker on issues related to the built environment and equity, Tamika L. Butler will discuss institutional oppression, the importance of inclusive urban design, and how to make transportation and public spaces more equitable. More information.

Webinar: Establishing a Recreational or Thematic Trail

This webinar will provide specific steps for developing and designating a state scenic byway, the intrinsic qualities for recognizing a state route, the application process and schedule, and how to share an engaging experience for the visitor. Additional insights on the unique process for developing recreational trails - for hiking, bicycling, and other nature-based activities ... Read more

Webinar: Accessible Engagement Tools

What can the disability community teach us about improving digital engagement? As local governments and planners seek to increase digital engagement, they can learn a lot from the disability community about generating accessible tools and inclusive engagement techniques. Join three disability rights organizations they share more about their recent work. More information.

Webniar: Bike Month and Beyond

Join a discussion on virtual engagement success stories, tips, and ideas to boost biking program engagement all year long. With more places moving 2021 Bike Month programs online, we thought this might be a great time to hear from a couple of our partners who’ve done an excellent job engaging their communities before, during and ... Read more

Webinar: What do the election results mean for bicycling and walking?

After a contentious election season, we will soon have some results. What will these new results tell us about the next transportation bill, the administration and the future of bicycling and walking. Join Caron Whitaker for a breakdown of election results, the League's policy goals, and next steps for the next transportation bill.

East Coast Greenway 2020 Impact Series: Climate

Virtual Event

Michael Oppenheimer, the Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, the Department of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute at Princeton University, joins East Coast Greenway Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano for a conversation on the climate change and environmental benefits of recent and continued development of the East Coast ... Read more

Webinar: Arts & Transportation Rapid Response

Join Smart Growth America's Arts & Culture team to learn about the Arts & Transportation Rapid Response initiative. Hear from the artists and agencies who worked together to design and implement projects that address COVID-related transportation challenges and longstanding inequities. Artists and agency staff will share the unique challenge they faced, how they approached the ... Read more

Webinar: Make Your City Better For Biking with Advocacy Academy

PeopleForBikes is launching the Advocacy Academy — a PlacesForBikes program designed to provide city planners, elected officials, advocates and businesses tools to make their cities better for biking. Join this webinar on Nov. 17, 2020 to learn more about Advocacy Academy, the best practices and resources we've collected, and ways to work in your town ... Read more

Webinar: Creating Outdoor Spaces in Colder Months

Virtual Event

COVID-19 has forced us to be creative in the ways we support our main streets and downtowns as commercial and social centers by moving many indoor activities outside. This has been a great lifeline during the spring and summer but… winter is coming! We'll present some of the innovative ideas submitted as part of Bench ... Read more

Virtual Seminar: Racial Disparities in Traffic Enforcement

Virtual Event

Law enforcement traffic stops are one of the most common entryways to the US justice system, with significant downstream impacts for both individuals and communities. Group-specific rates are typically based on jurisdiction resident populations; these rates, like many justice-system indicators, demonstrate race-ethnicity disparities. Residential-based rates implicitly assume race-ethnicity groups have equal vehicle access, equal driving ... Read more

On Your Left!: The transformative power of eCargo bikes in your community’s vehicle fleet

Join the League of American Bicyclists and Saris Infrastructure to learn how commercial and public sector eCargo bikes will make your community more bike friendly and discover innovative ways to advocate for eCargo bikes in your community’s fleet. Representatives from the City of Madison and Saris Infrastructure will discuss findings, lessons learned and best practices developed ... Read more

Webinar: State of the Industry – Shared Micromobility in North America

Virtual Event

In September 2020, NABSA celebrated the release of the 2019 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report for North America - the first report of its kind. This report marks the first time the industry has had in-depth, year-over-year metrics demonstrating its trends, growth, and success across North America. NABSA, along with partners Toole Design ... Read more

Leveraging Policy to Support the Bike Boom in 2021

Virtual Event

PeopleForBikes has a bold 2021 federal policy agenda to capitalize on the recent bike boom and set up our nation to support more and better bike riding. Join this webinar to learn about what the recent election means for trade and tariffs and our priorities in 2021. Priorities include: Increasing funding for better bike networks, ... Read more

Webinar: Are We There Yet? Best Practices in Speed Management

Virtual Event

Cities, states, and national agencies are increasingly recognizing that managing vehicle speeds is an essential component to reducing serious injuries and fatalities from motor vehicles. National agencies have recommended removing the guidance to set speeds based on the 85th percentile (National Traffic Safety Board and NACTO) or has expanded the factors being considered in setting ... Read more

Webinar: Improving Safety with Bicyclist and Pedestrian Road Safety Audits

Virtual Event

Pedestrian and bicyclist road safety audits (RSAs) are valuable tools that can be used by transportation agencies to formally evaluate roadway conditions and better understand factors influencing road user safety and comfort. Performing audits of field conditions can provide real-world perspectives and valuable contextual information to those charged with developing and implementing safety countermeasures for ... Read more

Enmarket Encourage Health Live Series Explores Healthy Walking Routes in Savannah

Virtual Event

The Enmarket Encourage Health Educational Series, in partnership with Healthy Savannah, will stream its next live broadcast on Jan. 7 exploring “Activity-Friendly Routes to Everyday Destinations." Also sponsored by Center Parc Credit Union, the program will live-stream at 1 p.m. on Healthy Savannah’s Facebook page  and will be streamed on Enmarket’s Facebook page. The program ... Read more

Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All – a conversation with author Mindy Thompson Fullilove

Virtual Event

Join America Walks for a conversation with Mindy Thompson Fullilove about her recently released book Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All. Main Streets, already weakened by malls and online shopping, have taken a terrible beating because of the need to shelter-in-place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet Main Streets are centers for conviviality ... Read more

TransportationCamp DC 2021 (Virtual)

Virtual Event

Each year, TransportationCamp DC brings together a sell-out crowd of up to 500 thinkers and doers in the fields of transportation and technology. It’s not your traditional conference. In addition to talks and presentations from big names in the field, the heart of TransportationCamp is sessions and activities led by attendees themselves. Held on the ... Read more

Webinar: On the Park Bench – Pandemic Toolkit

Virtual Event

What’s likely to linger in the aftermath of the global COVID crisis are the impacts on local and regional governments that provide the services citizens experience most directly in their daily lives. Faced with budget shortfalls, growing to-do lists for routine tasks delayed by the emergency, and general uncertainty about a “new normal,” how might ... Read more

Place It! for Safe Routes to School: An Interactive Community Engagement Workshop

Virtual Event

On Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 1 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern, Safe Routes Partnership is hosting a free training led by Place It! on how to creatively engage students, parents, staff, and teachers around Safe Routes to School. This virtual workshop will help generate ideas and designs for improved routes to school that place an emphasis ... Read more

Creating Mindful POC-Affirming Events

Virtual Event

Courtney Williiams, The Brown Bike Girl, is a woman of color bicycle advocacy consultant based in Brooklyn NY. She has been a contracted to partner with city and regional government agencies, and nonprofit bike organizations across the nation to provide strategic guidance and her anti-privliege & anti-bias cultural competency training (Outside Advocate). Pre-COVID, Williams also coordinated free ... Read more

The Walking College: Building the Local Capacity of the National Walking Movement

Virtual Event

This webinar will describe the Walking College and present research on community outcomes from this fellowship program, which is designed to build the capacity of local change agents to increase walking and improve walkability in their communities. During the 6-month course, Walking College Fellows study online materials, complete community assignments, take part in video discussion ... Read more

Making Meaningful Spaces: A Brief Survey of Integrative Active Transportation

Virtual Event

The active transportation movement has been maturing for decades. Miles of bicycle and pedestrian facilities are on the ground for communities that embraced more livable, complete, and green streets. In the era of COVID-19 and rapid social change, communities are recognizing the necessity of prioritizing people rather than cars through rich and responsive public space ... Read more

Peachtree Shares Space Great Streets Forum

Virtual Event

What makes a great street? Chat with a panel of national experts on what makes them work and how we can make the Peachtree Shared Space an exceptional public space for Atlanta. Based on community input during the Discovery Workshop in November, this event will focus on four factors that will influence the success of ... Read more


Smart Growth America’s Equity Summit: Improving racial equity, economic inclusion and restorative justice through smart growth

Virtual Event

Join Smart Growth America for three straight days Jan. 26-28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a three-day virtual summit where it will convene an exciting group of experts, practitioners and policymakers to discuss how to center improving racial equity in smart growth work. The impressive lineup of speakers will discuss how to promote ... Read more

Webinar: New Insights on Biking Among Older Adults

Virtual Event

Join representatives from the League of American Bicyclists as they  preview the 2021 Benchmarking “Mini-Report” on Walking and Biking Among Older Adults. The report aggregates national trend data on biking and walking to inform advocates on how best to advocate for older adults by expanding active transportation resources. The webinar will also preview a new ... Read more

Brownfields to Trails: Steps to Success

Virtual Event

This presentation will discuss the major steps and considerations for planners and designers when designing in brownfields. Registration and more information.

Southeast Urban Design Summit: 2021 Virtual Edition

Virtual Event

The Southeast Urban Design Summit is a gathering of city government urban design programs to meet, collaborate, and discuss solutions for common challenges regarding programming, operation and budget, and forecast future trends affecting cities in the Southeast. More information.


Virtual Event

TransitCon is a free and virtual transit conference where everyone has the opportunity to speak. This conference was created with the idea that many transit enthusiast, advocates, nerds are fully engaged on social media, but are limited to the comments and threads these mediums allow. TransitCon wants to provide a space for those transit passions ... Read more

Webinar: Land Use and Transportation Policies for a Sustainable Future

Virtual Event

Even though there are tremendous uncertainties in the timing and evolution path of the Autonomous Vehicles (AV) technology, it may become a likely reality within most MPOs' long-range regional transportation plan horizon of twenty years. Yet a recent survey of the largest MPOs in the US indicates only one of them "even mentions driverless, automated, ... Read more

Webinar: What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World – a conversation with author Sara Hendren

Virtual Event

Join America Walks for a conversation with Sara Hendren about her book What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World. Walking or wheeling, accompanied or alone, getting around in public space means getting into the public sphere–and for people with disabilities, the very fabric of streets and sidewalks and architecture has had to ... Read more

Bike Law 101

Virtual Event

Join Bruce Hagen from Bike Law GA for an informal 101 discussion about bicycle laws in GA, what do to if you are in a bike crash, insurance, bike cameras, defensive cycling and useful tips for daily commuters and weekend warriors. More information.  

The Catalytic Impact of Trails

Virtual Event

Explore how trails influence many aspects of quality of life as we explore the catalytic impact of trails through the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profit. Registration and more information.

Webinar: Get Ready for Celebrate Trails Day

Virtual Event

Saturday, April 24, 2021, is Celebrate Trails Day (formerly Opening Day for Trails)! Join Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and people across the nation in shaking off the winter and celebrating America's amazing trails. Since 2013, thousands of trail users have celebrated America's exceptional trails and the people who care for them by participating. This year, the celebration ... Read more

A Better Tomorrow Webinar: The Role of Public Policy in Shaping Future Mobility

Virtual Event

Join The 82 Alliance, a not-for-profit mobility think tank, and partner host DS&MG, founders of Arlington Transportation Partners, and the Mobility Lab, for another webinar in their series, "A Better Tomorrow" discussing the critical role of Public Policy in shaping future mobility. Panel speakers: Ken McLeod, Policy Director, The League of American Bicyclists More speakers ... Read more

Making Intersection and Crossings Safe and Efficient: A Summary of the NCHRP 3-133 Report

Virtual Event

The development of safety of metrics within signalized intersections is an important effort for cities. Safer pedestrians and bicycle crossings can be created by eliminating or mitigating conflicts with turning traffic, but what the research suggests is that in order to achieve Vision Zero, we need to identify new requirements for protected turns. This webinar ... Read more

Webinar: Collective Impact and Sustainable Trails

Virtual Event

Learn how the White Mountain Trail Collective is implementing the Collective Impact Model to add capacity to its partners and change the way they do trail work in the White Mountain National Forest. More information.

Freedom of Movement: Art, Culture and Transportation in 2021

Virtual Event

How are artists and the transportation sector collaborating to solve intractable problems and envision a more just future of mobility and infrastructure? Amidst a change in political leadership, our roundtable will feature leading voices at this intersection and will tackle issues like transportation policy, construction mitigation, COVID-19, safer streets, local ownership and creative solutions. More ... Read more

The Nature of Cities Festival

Virtual Event

TNOC Festival pushes boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future. A virtual festival that spans five days with programming across all regional time zones and provided in multiple languages. The festival focuses on facilitating transdisciplinary dialogue, small group workshops, arts engagement, and fostering a collaborative spirit around urban solutions. It will even have ... Read more

Webinar: The Biden Administration and Transportation Policy

Virtual Event

The inauguration of President Joe Biden and the appointment of Pete Buttigieg as USDOT leader creates the potential for a dramatic shift in U.S. transportation policy. We’ve already heard discussions of complete streets, sidewalk construction, increased transit funding and removal of highways that divided Black communities. How big a shift will it be? What is ... Read more

Getting Involved in Trail Advocacy: The Essentials

Virtual Event

Join Rails-to-Trails Conservancy on Feb. 24th to learn more about initiatives in to increase state and federal funding for trails, walking and biking across the country and harness renewed energy for active transportation. Registration and more information.

Engineering Solutions and Strategies for Safe Routes to School

Virtual Event

Engineering is a fundamental component of Safe Routes to School, yet one of the trickiest to tackle. However, engineering does not have to mean big budget, long-term infrastructure projects. Small, cost-effective engineering solutions can still create meaningful change. Learn how you can implement quick, low-cost engineering solutions and strategies to improve safety and livability for ... Read more

Webinar: Storytelling for Active Transportation Advocates

Virtual Event

How can we reach more people and convince them of the benefits of inclusive and accessible walkable communities? We have incredible data on how they improve health, the climate, the economy and our quality of life - but data alone often doesn’t carry the day. We’ve put together a panel of creative and experienced communicators ... Read more

ActiveTO: The City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Response – 26 Kilometers of Rapid Installed Bikeways

Virtual Event

The City of Toronto's COVID-19 response programs, including ActiveTO, have been focused on making sure people have space to get around while respecting physical distancing. Each response program was developed through a review process using the City's Equity Lens Tool and demonstrating a strong commitment to reducing inequities experienced by Toronto's vulnerable populations. More information.

The Globe and Mail Urban Mobility Summit

Virtual Event

Urban mobility had been undergoing change before the pandemic, from the advent of electric vehicles to the expansion of public transit, to growing interest in cycling and active transport. As COVID-19 continues to reshape cities, mobility leaders must reassess their visions and priorities to ensure they fit post-pandemic norms related to the nature of work, ... Read more

Forum on the Manual for Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Virtual Event

As a follow up to the March 10 webinar Information and Education on the MUTCD, APBP will host a facilitated forum on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) recommendations currently open for comment with a May 14 deadline. We will share the areas APBP will be addressing in our comments and learn from attendees ... Read more

Webinar: Dangerous by Design 2021

Virtual Event

The United States has a crisis: the number of people struck and killed while walking increased by 35 percent between 2008 and 2017. In 2018 alone, 6,227 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle crashes, the highest fatality rate since 1990. This alarming increase in the number of people killed while walking is happening because our ... Read more

Webinar: Rethinking Streets During COVID

Virtual Event

Re-allocating space on streets to accommodate new uses – particularly for walking, biking, and being – is not new. However, COVID-era needs have accelerated the process that many communities use to make such street transitions.. Many communities quickly understood that the street is actually a public place and a public good that serves broader public ... Read more

Federal Policy Update: Biden’s infrastructure plan and what it means for bikes

Virtual Event

Join the League for a discussion of Biden's infrastructure plan and what it means for bikes, reauthorization and advocacy this summer.   We'll also talk about National Bike Summit follow up - "Member hearing day" in the transportation committee is next week.  Plus what to watch for this summer-- and what you can do to help ... Read more

Webinar: Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Walking Event

Virtual Event

In a year that carried the undertone of general collective heartache and cancelled in-person events we learned a whole lot - and one thing we learned was the vast power and potential for virtual convenings and events to successfully connect people from all walks of life around walking, moving and advocating for healthy, people-first communities. ... Read more

Webinar: Undoing the Damage of Urban Freeways

Virtual Event

Undoing the Damage of Urban Freeways is a two-part panel event examining the lasting impact of urban freeways and how our next infrastructure investments must be different than the ways we've invested in the past. Join the event to hear from leading experts in the field. More information.

Webinar: Connecting Trails, Connecting Communities

Virtual Event

This webinar will explore some of the key community projects that would turn Atlanta's existing patchwork of trails into a truly transformative, cohesive network. It will address: • The disconnected nature of the region’s trail network, which limits the ability of trails to serve as a means of daily transportation • The lack of access to ... Read more

Using Indicators to Track Walking and Cycling Progress

Virtual Event

The City and County of Peterborough, Ontario, and their partners at Peterborough Public Health and GreenUP, have just published their second major publication using infographics and plain language to tell the story of changes in walking and cycling in their communities. The 2020 Active Transportation and Health Indicators Report is designed to be a reference ... Read more

Webinar: Where’s the Money? Funding Your Active Transportation Project

Virtual Event

Infrastructure improvements are often the costliest components of initiatives to support walking and rolling. Join us to learn about frequently used sources of funding for active transportation projects in the US, how to find out what funding is available for your community, and tips for navigating the funding process. More information.

Webinar: Exploring the National Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Data Clearinghouse

Virtual Event

Explore crash, exposure and infrastructure datasets from around the U.S. using the National Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Data Clearinghouse available at pedbikedata.org. Designed to help safety researchers find readily available datasets for study, the clearinghouse serves as a central website and search tool to find available data sources for traffic safety analysis. It allows researchers ... Read more

Assessing Trails: LiDAR Assisted Trail Topography Evaluation

Virtual Event

Expanding from a brief explanation provided in the November 5, 2020 webinar Technology in Trail Building and Planning: Drones and LiDAR, this webinar will discuss a state-of-the-art LiDAR technology solution for trail management, LATTE. This scientific approach to assessment removes the subjective variability inherent in common approaches. The methodology incorporates geospatial technologies used in other ... Read more

Youth Cycling in Georgia

Virtual Event

Youth Cycling is taking off in Georgia. Join UCreate Macon to share information on membership opportunities, program resources, and tips for enhancing your program. More information.  

Non Urban Networks: Active Transportation in Rural America

Virtual Event

Small communities across the US are working to support active transportation as hard as their counterparts in urban centers. But they often lack the resources of their urban counterparts, and are rarely the focus of active transportation narratives. This webinar focuses on rural active transport by bringing together planners to discuss challenges and opportunities in ... Read more

Webinar: Re-envisioning School Streets as Part of Pandemic Recovery

Virtual Event

For decades, communities in the U.S. and around the world have been working to improve road safety around schools, especially for students, our youngest commuters. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted typical travel behaviors and provides the chance for communities to consider changes to school travel with the return to in-person learning. Some of these approaches, ... Read more

Webinar: Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Virtual Event

In this webinar, John Pucher, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning and Policy Development at Rutgers University and Ralph Buehler, Ph.D, Professor and Chair of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech, explore how cities can make cycling safe, practical, and convenient for all ages and abilities. More information. 

Webinar: Designing Complete Streets for an Aging America

Virtual Event

By 2040, about one in six Americans will be older that 65. This presents a challenge for cities: How do they design streets and neighborhoods for an aging America? In this webinar, hosted by Scott Berson from the Coastal Regional Commission, participants will talk about why cities need to focus on designing "complete streets" that ... Read more

Walk/Bike/Places 2021

Indianapolis IN, United States

The premier conference in North America for walking, bicycling, and placemaking professionals from the public and private sectors. Walk/Bike/Places strives to be the most informative and progressive active transportation conference in North America. Produced by Project for Public Spaces, the event consists of 50+ participant-led breakout sessions and locally-led workshops, as well as opportunities for ... Read more

Evolving Multi-modal Impact Analyses

Virtual Event

Level of service has dominated project traffic impact analysis for decades. For nearly as long, LOS has been critiqued for its focus on automobiles at the expense of quality active transportation infrastructure. Now the regulatory environment is changing. California is implementing SB 743, requiring that LOS be replaced by vehicle miles traveled, elevating the importance ... Read more

The Pedestrian Safety Crisis in America: Why it’s happening and what we can do about it

Virtual Event

More than 6,000 pedestrians are killed every year on US streets, representing an enormous 50% increase from the first part of the decade. For the Latinx population in particular, walking, biking, and using public transportation are the most affordable mobility options, thus putting the population at a higher risk of pedestrian death. Additionally, there's a ... Read more

Planning for All Ages and Abilities Through Inclusive and Virtual Walk Audits

Virtual Event

Walk audits are a common public engagement activity used in pedestrian planning, but often are not accessible to or inclusive of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are more likely to rely on walking for daily trips and may be more aware of and impacted by problems in the transportation network. Planning and street design ... Read more

2021 Trails and Outdoor Recreation Summit

Reno NV, United States

A joint conference between American Trails and the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals. More information.

Linework, Models, Counters… OH MY: A Utah Story of Multi-Agency Collaboration to Develop Active Transportation Data and Tools

Virtual Event

In the last two years Utah has made huge strides in active transportation (AT) data collection, curation, and distribution. The key to success continues to be a multi-agency partnership, and tackling the challenge through a logical order of projects. This session will highlight four Utah AT information resource initiatives: development and stewardship of a robust, ... Read more

Rails-with-Trails: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Virtual Event

This webinar will discuss a new report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Rails-with-Trails: Best Practices and Lessons Learned, that examines safety, design, and liability issues associated with the development of shared-use paths and other trails adjacent to active railroad and transit rights-of-way. More information.

Webinar: What’s the Status of Federal Funding for Safe Routes to School, Walking, and Bicycling?

Virtual Event

Federal surface transportation funding expires on September 30, 2021. What happens next? The Senate and House have each passed versions of surface transportation reauthorization, but as of mid-September, there is not yet a bill headed to President Biden’s desk. We are optimistic that Congress will pass surface transportation reauthorization, but there are other potential outcomes, ... Read more

Defining the Relationship between Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification

Virtual Event

Although research has not confirmed a causal relationship between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification, there are cases that show a directly link. Toole Design is working with two clients on research projects exploring this relationship. In this webinar, Toole will introduce the connection between bike lanes and trails and gentrification by highlighting foundational research. Oregon Metro ... Read more

Trails Count: Getting the Most Out of Trail Use Data

Virtual Event

Learn from industry experts, advocates, and practitioners about how to get the most out of data on trail use and how these data can be leveraged to support trail maintenance and development in your community. More information.

Walking & Biking in Rural Communities: How Planning, Partnerships & Equity Play a Role

Virtual Event

This webinar will consist of three parts: 1.Best practices and lessons learned for implementing bike and ped facilities in rural cities, and the challenges faced when working with small communities (presented by Bolton & Menk) 2.Example of successful implementation through strong partner relationships and proper planning in the City of Le Sueur, a city of ... Read more

City as a Canvas – How Three Florida Cities Approach Placemaking

Virtual Event

The cities of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa are teaming up to share their programs and experiences relating to the "City as a Canvas" concept by introducing art into unique places. Representatives from each of the three cities will talk about their experiences initiating, promoting, funding, and executing the following project types: sidewalk cartouches/sidewalk poetry, ... Read more