Call on GA lawmakers to enact a Vulnerable Road User law

On the heels of the latest outrageous act of violence against a bicyclist by a motorist, we are calling on Georgia citizens to join us in our demand for a Vulnerable Road User law, which will define “vulnerable road users” (e.g. bicyclists, pedestrians, emergency responders, road construction crews, etc) and will increase penalties for motorists who injure or kill those road users.

There are two ways you can add your voice:

1) Sign our petition online and share it with your friends and family.


2) Download and personalize this letter (also available in PDF)and send it to your state elected officials by mail or email. Better yet, call them or meet them in person to talk about this issue and express your strong support for a Vulnerable Road User law in Georgia. You can find your state senator and representative info here.

Thank you for helping us create a safer Georgia!