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National Healthy Schools Day

Just received this alert: "National Healthy Schools Day is great day for everyone to celebrate and promote healthy and green indoor school environments for all children and staff."

What about healthy & green outdoor environments, such as how kids get to and from school? A school can't be especially green or healthy if all of its students are riding in diesel buses or being dropped off curb-side by a parent in a car. Not saying National Healthy Schools Day is a bad just needs to broaden its perspective a bit!

School District Consolidation

Interesting new report: "Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What it Means" by Craig Howley, Jerry Johnson, and Jennifer Petrie

This report deals specifically withy state policy around the consolidation of school districts - thanks to Healthy Schools Campaign for finding.


"The influence of school and district consolidations on the vitality and well-being of communities may be the most dramatic result, if the one least often discussed by politicians or education leaders. Put simply, the loss of a school erodes a community’s social and economic base—its sense of community, identity and democracy—and the loss permanently diminishes the community itself, sometimes to the verge of abandonment."

Finding transportation projects in your area

Lookee here...we've just discovered an excellent resource from our friends at GDOT: TransPI is a program that allows you to search for all GDOT-managed transportation projects!

On the search builder, use the keyword "bike," and then choose your other criteria to narrow the search.

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