Bike Co-ops Benefit Communities Throughout the State

The Valdosta Daily Times reports that Georgia’s newest bike co-op, The Community Cycling Center of Valdosta, just opened its doors to provide resources for Valdosta-area cyclists!

[CCCV co-founder Matt ] Portwood said that there has been renewed interest from citizens who want to ride their bikes more for health and economic reasons. With the Valdosta co-op, Portwood hopes people can find a place to work on their bikes, learn more about maintenance and bike safety while participating in future programs.

“The bike co-op is an effort to channel all the energy that has been generating for years surrounding bikes,” said Portwood. “The Azalea City Cyclists, Valdosta State University Blazer Cyclists and the Downtown Critical Mass rides are all examples of local interest in cycling. Our goal is to help promote cycling as a safe and healthy transportation alternative in Valdosta and Lowndes County.”

Photo from Valdosta Daily Times

CCCV joins a number of other successful co-ops and bike recycling initiatives in Georgia, including Communicycle in Chamblee, SoPo in Atlanta, and the BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program. Bicycle advocates in Savannah are also busily working on a similar effort, their  Bike Restoration and Education Center.

Congratulations to everyone who has helped CCCV get off to a great start. We love seeing these creative, grassroots, service-oriented programs that promote cycling in Georgia’s communities!

Look forward to visiting you soon, CCCV!