Bike Access Victory for New Bridge Over 400

After many months of persistent advocacy, we just received confirmation from GDOT that a new Northridge Rd bridge over 400 will include bike lanes in both directions!

The AJC has the story, which involved a tremendous grassroots campaign led by our very own Board member Joe Seconder of Dunwoody:

“When Seconder discovered early this year that dedicated bike lanes were not in the design plans, he got busy, phoning friends and transportation contacts.

‘This bridge is the single point of access between Perimeter CID, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs to cross the Chattahoochee River into Roswell,’ he said.

GDOT invited Seconder, his supporters and Sandy Springs officials to a followup meeting March 29 where it presented a redesign that included two bike lanes without changing the width of the bridge. 

‘I’ll give him a lot of credit, but I have to give GDOT a lot of credit, too,’ said Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, an active cyclist who backed Seconder’s campaign. ‘They have a whole new attitude down there.’

The agency officially adopted a Complete Streets policy last fall, requiring that it routinely incorporate bicycle, pedestrian and transit concerns into transportation projects. The Northridge Bridge project was finalized well before that policy took effect.

Georgia DOT engineer Darryl D. VanMeter said budget and time constraints would have normally precluded a late change in plans. However, the department had a productive exchange with bike advocates and Sandy Springs officials which led to the accommodation, he said.

‘I think this is a great example of government listening,’ Sandy Springs Assistant City Manager Bryant Poole said.”

We’ll add that it’s also another great example of advocacy working– way to go, Joe!