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Albany cycling in the news

Fox affiliate WFXL covers the need for more and better bicycling facilities in Albany, Georgia:

"Albany has a large cycling community. which may make you think there are a large number of resources for them. But it seems that’s not the case. Cyclists only know of one bike lane in Albany and its on Gillionville Road. But they say the lane doesn't really lead to or from anywhere."

Interconnected networks of bike facilities - be they multi-use paths, bicycle lanes, or roads with "Share the Road" signage and "sharrow" pavement markings - are essential to creating a safe environment for bicycling. Where bicyclists are accorded appropriate infrastructure and when they ride safely & legally, the odds of an accident are greatly reduced.

If you live in the Albany and want guidance on improving bicycle safety, please contact us. Georgia Bikes! is here to help make all of Georgia's communities better for bicycling!