12/8 Peachtree City Comprehensive Plan public meeting

Update from our friends at Southside Cycling Club in Peachtree City:

Peachtree City is updating its Comprehensive Plan and invites the public to participate Thursday, Dec. 8, 6:30-8 p.m. in the Community Room on the lower level of City Hall.

Here are a few points to share with decision makers:

 > Peachtree City needs to adopt USER recommended Designated Bicycle Routes and install 3 foot Passing Safety Signs .

 > Peachtree City needs more Multi-Use Path Construction and Maintenance  Budget.   [this is included in the proposed 2017 SPLOST]

> Peachtree City needs to adopt GADOT Complete Streets Design Guide as the standard for road planning and development.

> Need to install road markings and signs for safe crossing of bicycles at arterial intersections with GA State Highways.

 > Need to widen County Roads for Bicycle Routes.

 > Need to adopt bicycle parking space ordinance requirements for all businesses and plaza like handicap set-asides.

Drop in at your convenience – there is no formal presentation.

Attendees will be asked to indicate where they are from, and information will be provided on demographic trends, with an opportunity for input on the vision of the plan, concerns and assets, goals and policies, and issues and opportunities.

The activities for this open house are designed to engage the community and gather feedback to inform the Comprehensive Plan Update. There will be additional opportunities for public feedback and comment throughout this process. The deadline to have the Comprehensive Plan Update completed is June 30, 2017.