Resurfacing projects present opportunities for better bicycling

The Georgia DOT has provided us with its lists of FY16 and FY17 planned resurfacing projects. We strongly encourage elected officials, transportation professionals and advocates to review the plans linked below for opportunities to implement Complete Streets and safety conversions as part of these projects.

Per GDOT's Complete Streets policy (Chapter 9, Section 9.4.2):

"On resurfacing projects, GDOT will consider requests from local governments to narrow or reduce the number of travel lanes in order to restripe the roadway to add bicycle lanes. Restriping that includes narrowing of the travel lanes will be considered where space is available and where the motor vehicle crash rate for sideswipe crashes (for the most recent five years for which data is available) does not exceed the statewide average for the same functional classification. A marked shared lane may be considered if sufficient width is not available for a bicycle lane and motor vehicle travel speeds are 35 mph or less." 

If your community is interested in modifying lane widths, or the number of shared travel lanes, on a state route as part of a resurfacing project, please refer to the Federal Highway Administration's Road Diet Informational Guide.

GDOT Resurfacing Project Lists:
FY16 Project list

FY17 Planned Projects list (.xlsx)

For details about a specific project, use the "P.I. Number" in the spreadsheet to look up information on GDOT's Project Search tool in the field "Project ID." You can see the section that will be resurfaced as a blue line on the map. Please note that if a project's status is showing as "Under Construction," it is likely too late to impact the restriping.

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