Columbus OK's partnership with PATH Foundation

Some really exciting news out of Columbus:

" The city will enter into a 'master agreement' with the PATH Foundation, Inc., in a step toward expanding the existing network of bicycle and pedestrian trails in the city.

Columbus Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the city entering into the agreement, which will not obligate the city to fund any of the project, but to facilitate the work and lend certain employees to it.

The plan calls for building 27.5 miles of trails in 12 'links' that would first connect the Riverwalk and the Fall Line Trace, the city’s two existing such trails, and then interconnect trails in other parts of the city, such as the new Follow Me Trail and a proposed trail along the length of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The foundation hopes to complete the projects in five years."

PATH rendering

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Above: How the approach to the Frank Martin Bridge on 14th Street in Columbus would appear with a greenway path built. Courtesy of PATH Foundation

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