Request a Georgia Bikes Class in your Town!

Request a Georgia Bikes class!

Do you or your cycling group want help hosting a Smart Cycling class or Group Ride Safety Clinic? Use our new form to request and begin scheduling a course. We’ll reach out as soon as possible to coordinate and work to put on a wonderful class or clinic for you!

You can request:

  • Smart Cycling (builds confidence and knowledge to comfortably ride on the road)
  • Group Ride Safety Clinic Program
  • Youth Cycling Clinic
  • Bicycle Friendly Driver
  • POST Certified Traffic Enforcement for Bicycle Safety Course (for law enforcement officers)

Unfortunately, Georgia Bikes can’t accommodate every request, but we’ll do our best to work with you to make sure you get the services you need! Whether that means connecting you to other League Certified Instructors or cycling advocacy groups, or scheduling a virtual opportunity, we want to make sure you have the tools to have fun and be safe on the road or trail.

2022 Georgia Bike-Walk-Live Summit Session Proposal

Georgia Bikes is pleased to open the session proposal period for the 2022 Georgia Bike-Walk-Live Summit.

This year’s summit will celebrate community successes achieved through walk- and bike-friendly infrastructure and culture. Bikeable and walkable communities are liveable communities, and we’re eager to feature a range  of measures that Georgia advocates and local governments are taking to make life better for the people who live here.

Questions? Contact us at

Georgia Bikes improves bicycling and walking conditions and promotes bicycling and walking statewide. We interact with all levels of government, support local advocates, work toward common goals with partners, provide safety education, host an annual summit, act as a clearinghouse, and speak on behalf of safe, equitable, and accessible biking and walking.