2013 National Bike Challenge energizes GA cyclists

Congratulations to GA’s Bike Challengers for riding nearly 325K miles!

Yesterday, the 2013 National Bike Challenge came to an end. 539 Georgians participated in this free, online program that encouraged people to ride as often as possible from May to September, gaining points for both miles logged and the number of days where at least one mile was ridden. Challenge participants could log rides as either “sport,” “transportation,” or “mountain biking.”

Points accumulated on an individual, city, team, and statewide level, prompting some good-spirited, friendly competition and encouragement among cyclists across the state.

Below is snap shot of the impressive stats posted by Challenge riders in Georgia from May 1 – September 30th. Many thanks to the members of team Georgia Bikes for putting us in the top 5, and congrats to the Pecan City Pedalers for racking up some seriously impressive point totals.

We hope to see more Georgians logging rides in the 2014 Challenge!Georgia came in 26th place as a state with 539 participating riders.Our male rider with the most points: Wayne Hospedales (Leesburg, GA)Our female rider with the most points: Sharon Thompson (Albany)