2012 National Bike Summit

Last week, 20 bicycle advocates from Georgia attended the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC. The Summit is an exciting mix of education, networking, and federal-level advocacy for the cycling community. We were proud to be a part of this year’s Summit, a huge success and an urgently needed and well-timed event given current debates over a new transportation funding authorization bill in Congress. In short, the Senate passed a decently bike-friendly transportation bill, known as “MAP-21.” The House, on the other hand, wants to totally eliminate all dedicated funding for biking and walking projects. Needless to say, we told our Congressional Representatives that that ain’t gonna fly. For full details on the legislative front, visit America Bikes.

Many thanks to our professional, poised, and friendly 2012 delegation, and here’s hoping more of you, especially from under-represented cities like Athens, Rome, Columbus, and Macon, will join us next year to make the continually needed case for better biking infrastructure in Georgia