Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Awards Grant for Bicycle Safety Programs

Thanks in part to Georgia’s “Share the Road” specialty license plates, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) is once again supporting statewide bicycle safety initiatives in Georgia. GOHS is awarding over $100,000 to Georgia Bikes to implement bicycle safety programs and awareness campaigns in 2013. This grant represents a fourth year of funding to Georgia Bikes and its local partners. 

Programs enabled by the Share the Road Tag Grant include:

  • Support for statewide bicycle safety outreach and educational activities managed by Georgia Bikes, as well as for related activities in Savannah, to be implemented by Savannah Bicycle Campaign
  • Law enforcement training on bicyclist rights and responsibilities as operators of vehicles
  • Printing and distribution of Bicyclist Pocket Guides, which cover state laws relevant to bicycling as well as tips for safe cycling behaviors
  • Coordination of the 4th annual Georgia Bike Summit
  • Training and support for local bike safety advocacy organizations throughout Georgia

Brent Buice, Executive Director for Georgia Bikes, says, “Many Georgians ride a bicycle, for transportation and for recreation, and many more would like to ride, but they are concerned about inattentive drivers, a lack of safe facilities, and they are unsure of their legal rights and safe cycling practices. By funding education and outreach activities through this grant, GOHS is showing a strong commitment to reduce bicyclist injuries and fatalities in Georgia.”

Support from last year’s Share the Road grant allowed Georgia Bikes to:

·        Host a successful statewide Bike Summit in Augusta

·        Distribute $15,000 to new and emerging local bicycle advocacy organizations in the state

·        Award matching funds to four Georgia communities for the installation of “Share the Road” signs and sharrow lane markings

·        Create and broadcast a professionally produced TV PSA about bike safety