Dear Georgia Bicycling Supporter,

As 2011 draws to a close, we have a lot to be thankful for in the bicycling world. A rejuvenated Georgia Bikes hit the ground running in the fall of 2010, and we have already seen tremendous improvements to bicycling conditions in Georgia. Despite the past year’s accomplishments, so much remains to be done to make Georgia truly bicycle friendly, which is why I am writing to let you know about our new Georgia Bikes Sustainers Circle.

But first, you may ask “What has Georgia Bikes done for me lately?” Let’s look at the numbers…

  • 1 energized, organized statewide organization, implementing bicycle safety programs across Georgia thanks to a partnership with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, using funds from the Share The Road specialty car tags
  • 2 hugely successful statewide Bike Summits, bringing together advocates, leaders, shop owners, planners, law enforcement, and elected officials to learn how to make GA a bicycle friendly state
  • 3 Feet 2 Pass in GA! As of July 1, 2011, Georgia’s cyclists have enjoyed the legal protection of a three foot passing requirement
  • 6 communities awarded $14,000 in matching Bicycle Signage grants to pay for the installation of “share the road” signs and “sharrow” pavement markings
  • 24 professional, freely available radio PSAs encouraging road sharing and safe cycling behaviors
  • 50 bicycle event safety signs, distributed across the state for easy and affordable use by centuries and other rides
  • 101, as in House Bill 101 : In addition to the 3 foot passing law, our “Better Bicycling Bill” clarifies when cyclists can take the lane, legalizes the right arm signal and the previously outlaw recumbent and clipless pedal, and designates a cyclist’s right of way in a bike lane
  • Over 9000 “Share the Road” license plates have been purchased since the plates were made available
  • $15,000 in seed grants awarded to 10 new and recently formed bicycle advocacy groups across the state

As you can see, we have been working hard to make Georgia better for bicycling. Our success has created opportunities, yet there are many challenges remaining – Georgia dropped to 40th in the Bicycle Friendly State rankings, despite the gains listed above. We are counting on you to help us take advantage of opportunities and to meet the many challenges facing the state.

You can help create a more bicycle friendly Georgia right now by joining the Georgia Bikes Sustainers Circle!

Your gift will build on our past successes and propel Georgia toward a safer, healthier future for cyclists of all ages, interests, and abilities. In appreciation of your generosity, we are offering a number of exciting premiums, such as a Georgia Bikes jersey, a Sustainers Dinner before the Ride to the Capitol, and more. To become a member of the Sustainers Circle, click here.

Georgia can be bicycle friendly. With your support of Georgia Bikes, Georgia will be bicycle friendly!

Thank You and Safe Riding this Holiday Season,

Brent A. Buice

Executive Director
Georgia Bikes!